Thursday, October 15, 2009

blow pops

my mouth is not big enough
 for your penis
so i went home
to masturbate
if we were robots
 would you let me
stick it in
if we were made
 out of tin 
would it make
 my hair thin
i really enjoyed it 
i was so wet 
cum on my clothes
there's a homo that delivers
fro yo
i used to be a dyke yo
my belly is full yo
i kinda like a dude that 
has a flamin' hot
fire crotch
if we could trade places
would you masturbate for me?
i got a blow pop
with your name on it
i got to go hot til i take a shit
i go real high
and then i go real low
(throw blow pops into audience)

Monday, June 29, 2009

zombie michael

i miss my mommy
she came into the world chocolate and left
it vanilla
i miss my xo xo
looking for my special
butt hold up
i see a child
I'm cruising the fair
i am not into bears
I like them smooth and young
and hung

zombie michael
zombie michael
(throws blankets into audience)
zombie michael
zombie michael

It's a thriller time at the ranch

spank my ass
lick my ass
scratch my ass
with your finger in my holy hole

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


i tried the red pill and the black pill and the yellow and the clear pill

i can cure your gay
you can cure my gay
she can cure my gay
he can cure my gay

take the dildo out of your ass and pass it around the room
when it comes back to you
you know what to dooooooo
take the dildo out of your mouth
put it in the dishwasher
you know what to do
smoke a dick

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Christmas Post Op

Operation! take my appendix

hymen removal unnecessary

pound your fist up my ass

fist for your forefathers


Daddy wears a cowboy hat

a black Mitsubishi
asians burning
butt fucking sumo wrestlers
pounds of weed over seas
Eating fish
Weed Crack weed Crack
white black white black
jam the yule tide up your
Its delicious
shrimp jambalaya
fake sausage made of soybeans
I'm not a Vegan I'm a freegan